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Анастасия Причисленко
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Personal Development Center of the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations was created in order to support the university's students in understanding their possible future careers and prepare them for life after graduation. Students often have a vague understanding of the significance of higher education and have trouble relating the knowledge and skills they get at university with the experience they will need during their future career. Yet, at the same time, studying at university is actually an important training for a person’s future adult life.  

The Center offers a complex program on increasing student's awareness of the necessity of planning their future path and bridging the gap between their desired active life and the passive attitude of an onlooker.  

The first step to doing that was the Life Navigation educational program that focused on helping students make goals, develop a self-improvement program and start moving towards their dreams. 

The next step is creating opportunities for students to make a conscious choice as part of their curriculum through a system of elective courses. Another aspect is involving students in getting universally applicable competencies through extra-curricular activities. For that purpose, Personal Development Center collaborates with the Social Design and Entrepreneurship Center on the Student Experience Certificate project. Also, the Center conducts different workshops, courses and advice sessions. One can learn about them in more detail here.

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