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Nikita Alexeev Russian

Nikita Alexeev


Education and professional activity

In 2009, Nikita graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of St. Petersburg State University (SPbSU). Between 2008 and 2011, he made several visits to Bielefeld University (Germany) as a guest researcher. His work there was mainly focused on random matrix theory. This research became the basis of his PhD thesis which Nikita defended successfully in 2012 at the SPbSU's Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics.

From 2010 to 2014 Nikita continued his research at the Chebyshev Laboratory supervised by the Fields medal laureate Stanislav Smirnov.  

In 2013 he developed an interest in computational biology and consequently became a postdoc at the Computational Biology Institute at the George Washington University (Washington DC, USA).

Nikita has been working at ITMO University since October 2017. He leads several projects in the fields of bioinformatics and computational biology. His main project is devoted to genome rearrangement analysis using graph theory, including random graphs. His other project is aimed at haplotype calling and virus phylogeny reconstruction.

Research interests

Computational biology, bioinformatics, discrete mathematics, graph theory, probability theory.


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