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Evgeny Borzenko
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E. Borzenko is a leading scientist and founder of the scientific field "Theoretical Foundations of advanced cryogenic technology for incubation and development of high-purity cryogenic products", which works on the questions of cryostating of electrical machines and devices with superconducting materials for technology of high purity substances. He published over 120 works, including three monographs and four textbooks made at the central publishing house that are widely used by specialized educational institutions and scientific organizations. Evgeny Borzenko is the author of 17 inventions, he has patents in foreign countries and Russia, at the moment he is also the scientific director of the university graduates.

As a professor of cryogenic technology Evgeny Borzenko developed training and methodological support for five new lecture courses: Theoretical Basis of Low-Temperature Technology, Scientific Basis of Cryology, CAD Fundamentals, Modeling of gas-separation plants, Simulation of stationary and transient cryogenic systems. He represents Russia in the commission A1 of the Paris International Institute of Refrigeration, Borzenko is an elected member of the International Academy of Refrigeration.

E. Borzenko worked as the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Refrigeration, the Dean of the faculty of Cryogenic Equipment and Air-Conditioning, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, among others.

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