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Anatoly Demin


Graduated from University ITMO (then LITMO) in 1969. Worked at Vavilov State Optical Institute. Has been working at University ITMO since 1971.

Awarded with the medal "In the memory of Saint Petersburg 300th anniversary" (2004). In 1982 — 1997 was a Dean of the Optical Faculty. Anatoly Demin is the author of more than 150 books and articles.

The extra-mural Department of Optical Digital Systems and Complexes was created in 1976. It prepares highly skilled specialists for LOMO Inc, which is the leading company in Russia for optical digital systems of different purposes ranging from space-based systems to electronic microscopes. Students of the Department are taught both by LOMO specialists and Faculty of different Departments of University ITMO. The Department provides the following master’s programs

  • Optical technology
  • Photonics and optical information technologies
  • Automation and controlling
  • Electrical engineering and electrotechnology.

The Department also provides the following specialist programs

  • Optical and electronic devices and systems
  • Optical technologies and materials
  • Mechatronics
  • Thermal physics
  • CAD.

While studying at the Department all undergraduate and graduate students take part in LOMO R&D projects, which gives them the possibility to be later employed at LOMO and get high salary and wide career growth opportunities.

The Deputy Department man of the Dissertation Council D 212.227.05, the member of the Dissertation Council D 212.227.06.

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