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Intellectual Property Support Center

Андрей Николаев

The center's main goal is to facilitate processes that have to do with the creation, protection and management of intellectual property assets of ITMO University, as well as third parties.

The center focuses on the following tasks

  • development and realization of policies in the field of intellectual property aimed at development of academic and innovative activities;

  • legal support of commercialization of intellectual property assets;

  • contribution to protection of civil and administrative rights and ITMO's legal interests in the field of intellectual property, including protection against unfair competition, prevention of illegal certification of ITMO's intellectual property assets by third parties, and unsanctioned use of such assets;

  • informational and analytical support of activities that have to do with creation, commercialization, and legal protection of ITMO University's intellectual property;

  • organization and conduction of research and practical conferences and workshops on relevant issues of theory and practices of legal protection and use of intellectual property assets;

  • development and distribution of research, methodological and informational materials on the fundamentals of legal protection of intellectual assets;

  • interaction with Russian and foreign research and educational organizations, business establishments, and different executive branch authorities, including World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation,  Ministry of Internal Affairs and others in what concern the issues of intellectual property.

Key areas of the Center's activity

  • gathering information on intellectual property assets, analyzing this data and defining the particular intellectual property objects that require legal protection of any kind;

  • development and filing of the register of intellectual property assets for commercialization purposes;

  • development of different informational materials and organization of events dedicated to distributing information related to intellectual property which contribute to their transfer, organization and participation in specialized and international exhibitions;

  • providing research and services that correspond to the center's profile to third parties;

  • development of regulatory and methodical documents that regulate issues that have to do with creation, legal protection and use of intellectual property assets;

  • providing advisory, legal, information and administrative support in realization of property and personal non-property rights on using objects of intellectual property;

  • providing assistance in handling legal relations with intellectual property assets' authors;

  • educational activities; open lectures and other short-term educational events;

  • searching for potential partners and contributing to the development of cooperation aimed at technological transfer;

  • analysis of contracts for innovative activities and giving out recommendations on problems of relations of parties in the field of intellectual property, if necessary - preparing corresponding sections of agreements for providing the necessary legal protection of items of industrial property in Russia, in foreign countries and as part of international agreements;

  • help in execution of contracts concerning different forms of using objects of intellectual property (licensing, option agreements, etc) and control of fulfillment of conditions of existing agreements;

  • conduction of market research of Russian and foreign markets for defining the promising trends of R&D that assure the development and production of in-demand commercial products;

  • development of documentation necessary for devising and realization of innovative projects: expert assessment, reports from market research, business plans, investment proposals, advertising, etc.

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