We love innovation in all its forms. To nourish and support it, we’ve tapped the top experts in the field and developed a full spectrum of services, from project evaluation to fundraising to finding the right market. You have the idea. We have the experience, the knowledge and the industry support to make it happen.

Students and researchers can get the necessary resources and expertise to launch their own projects, become part of a startup or a small business, and connect with angel investors and other interested parties. Investors and business representatives can find technological solutions they need to take their businesses to the next step.

Credit: ITMO University

ITMO University actively promotes student initiativesinnovative businesses, and contributes to the creation of promising cutting-edge technologies. The scope of support also includes financing.

  • ITMO University’s Accelerator and a telecommunication company MTS launched an online program for 5G developers. The goal of the project is to improve entrepreneurs’ knowledge of the 5G field and to support the creation of the products that are based on new-generation mobile communication.
  • Founded by ITMO and Boston University, USA,  Technopark resident MerkleBot is a robotic platform which securely connects robotic systems within and across organizations using the latest trends in secure, decentralized communication technologies.
  • After five years of work, ITMO University researchers became the first in Russia to grow a three-dimensional gallium oxide single-crystal ingot. The promising semiconductor can be used in power electronics, solar-blind photodetectors, and astrionics.

Read more about ITMO’s Technopark services and ITMO’s Accelerator participants and graduates (in Russian).

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