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International Master’s Degree Programs

International Master’s Programs are an effective combination of delivering knowledge and skills acquired in the student’s chosen major, hands-on experience with industrial partners and language skills enhancement. 

International Master’s Programs develop a new multilingual dimension in the forefront scientific areas that is not only sought by employers but also advocated nationally as a step toward constructive world citizenship.

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Summer/Winter Schools

ITMO University offers you an opportunity to combine an intensive science, programming or language course with visiting historical sites, museums and theatres in the magnificent city of St.Petersburg.

Choose one of the tailor-made courses and get action-packed learning experience in the heart of Russia's cultural capital!

Semester Exchange

Semester exchange programs are an excellent opportunity to dive into a different culture and learning environment.  You will be involved in substantial academic work in your field, bringing home new skills and perspective. At the same time, you’ll build on your understanding of a new culture as you engage with your fellow Russian and international students and scholars.

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Bachelor’s Degree Programs

We offer Bachelor’s Degree Programs for 25 majors concentrated in 6 Academic Schools. The language of lectures and practical studies is Russian.

Master’s Degree Programs

We offer Master’s Degree Programs for 75+ majors. The language of lectures and practical studies is Russian.

Foundation Program

Planning to attend ITMO University?

Special Foundation Program will help you integrate smoothly into Russian Education System.

This program provides students who have little or no knowledge of Russian language with the necessary skills to enter into Russian-taught Bachelor and Master Programs.

Open Doors Scholarship Project Programs

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Now dozens of our great Master’s Degree Programs are available tuition-free for winners and award winners of the "Open Doors" Russian Scholarship Project!

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