ITMO University ranks fourth for innovations in the National University Ranking by the agency Interfax. ITMO researchers actively implement their developments in real-world processes, with some 50 small innovative enterprises created on the basis of the university’s scientific projects. Startups created by ITMO students also demonstrate significant results.

In keeping with its strategic goals, ITMO University operates an extensive innovation infrastructure, which includes the following units.

ITMO University’s Technopark was established to enable interaction between educational institutions, researchers, and businesses, united by the goal of bringing scientific developments to the market. Among Technopark’s residents are small and medium innovative enterprises in various fields, including:

  • Information technology
  • Optical technology
  • Biotechnology

Technopark mission and goals

Technopark understands that synergy on all stages is a key to successful business. That is why its mission is to develop the promising areas of residents’ and partners’ activity through the integration of education, science, and business based on an entrepreneurial approach. By providing operational and financial support, Technopark aims to contribute to effective capacity-building of hitech innovation businesses, so as to establish a link between technical ideas and industrial production. Technopark participates in the development of educational programs in the field of information and telecommunication systems, as well as design and technological training of managers, and helps students adapt to market conditions. 

A successor of ITMO’s Business Incubator, ITMO University’s Center for Entrepreneurship is a platform established to help students and researchers with the launch and development of their startups, as well as provide training in the field of innovative business. The Center’s key activities include implementing a wide range of entrepreneurial skills courses and acceleration programs, as well as providing operational support to enterprises created on the basis of ITMO. 

ITMO University's Accelerator is a business support platform facilitating intensive development of projects. It offers two programs: Pre-accelerator, for early-stage projects or those who don’t yet have a clear-cut idea but want to try their hand at startup creation, and the Accelerator itself, based on individual plan development and training in marketing and sales.

The Interuniversity Entrepreneurship Club offers different levels of immersion into the entrepreneurial community. Networking opportunities, lectures, and workshops are available for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs from St. Petersburg universities.


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