ITMO University offers a vast collection of Russian and international literature on a variety of technical and social disciplines, as well as general interest and fiction. ITMO Library (in Russian) is a convenient and effective source of information, aiming to form an open knowledge environment for ITMO.Family. There’s no need to register twice – your campus card is your library pass, and your ISU login is the same for the library.

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ITMO University Publications

You can find educational materials made by ITMO professors and teachers at (in Russian). Use Поиск по каталогу (catalog search) to find the book of interest and download it in PDF.


ITMO University’s OpenBooks repository is created to accumulate and store scientific publications by our students and researchers. The open database provides access to more than 10,000 digital resources of various scientific focus.

Subscription to Electronic Resources and Electronic Library Systems

Take advantage of world-famous Russian and international subscriptions to electronic resources, electronic libraries, abstract and citation databases, with ITMO University. ScopusWeb of Science, Springer, Cambridge University Press, and so on are provided to facilitate your research and studies. You can find a full list of resources and the access links on the library website or via ISU (both in Russian). To use the second option, open ISU, and on the menu on the left, look for Научно-Проектная деятельность (Project and Scientific Activity) click on it and then choose Электронные ресурсы (E-Resources) from the list that appears.

Please note that some websites require authentication using your ISU login and password!

Access to most resources is provided by the university local network. To get access to the data remotely, set up a VPN connection, following these steps:

  1. Send an e-mail to Please, indicate your full name and ISU number. Specify that you would like to create a VPN connection to access library e-resources.
  2. After that, a confirmation letter and instructions will be sent to your email
  3. Enable VPN connection and use e-resources. 

Journal Article Search-engines

Once you have access to our e-resources, you can use any journal article search engine to find what you need. The ITMO Library website offers an EBSCO search database, which covers e-resources of numerous universities, publishing houses, and scientific institutions. In addition, you can always search on Google Scholar, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Microsoft Academic and Cyberleninka (both Russian and English).

Presentation Cloud

ITMO.SHOW Presentation Cloud is a useful online tool that compiles all the presentations used by university staff to present our programs and features. Students, professors, and other online users are free to peruse the website’s content.

Corporate Style Resources

Need ITMO University’s logo or corporate presentation template? Visit our on-line catalogue of corporate resources. Corporate images and presentation templates are also available on ISU both in Russian and English. To find them on ISU, open it, and on the menu on the left, look for Полезные ссылки (Useful links) and then choose Корпоративная стилистика (Corporate style) from the list that appears.  

Corporate Email and Free Software

Take advantage of free Microsoft Office 365 subscription and domain personal email during your studies. To get more information on access and a full list of services available in ISU, follow this link.

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