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Recruitment and HR Values

  • The responsible employer. ITMO University provides favorable working conditions in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe as well as support and encouragement for its employees.
  • Comprehensive research ecosystem. ITMO University can provide you with the combination of a good working atmosphere and powerful tools you need to conduct cutting-edge research.
  • Career growth. ITMO University encourages its employees to produce outstanding results and pursue their personal career goals.
  • Our team is our most valued asset. ITMO University is proud of a top-class science and R&D team making us one of the top tertiary schools in Russia.
  • International nature. ITMO University collaborates with institutions in over 50 countries, fostering connections and collaboration worldwide.
  • Tolerant environment. ITMO University encourages diversity and forbids any discrimination towards our employees, be it on the grounds of gender or social, ethnic or religious affiliation.


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