University Structure

Corporate Laboratory of Human-Machine Interaction Technologies

The Corporate Laboratory of Human-Machine Interaction Technologies was established by ITMO University and the Speech Technology Center in September 2018.


  • develop proposals and execute R&D and design projects, including with an aim to solve global challenges;
  • facilitate the educational process within core design-oriented Master’s programs and training of academic staff within PhD programs;
  • facilitate the organization of PhD theses preparation; 
  • commercialization and implementation of results of intellectual activities.


  • conduct R&D, design and technological, analytical, expert, as well as educational and methodological activities associated with the technologies of human-machine interaction; 
  • establish and support strategic partnerships with leading federal and regional organizations in human-machine interaction;
  • establish and equip joint research laboratories for studies and research;
  • organize students’ research work, create the necessary conditions, and encourage students to participate in conferences and competitions;
  • participate in preparation and submission of applications for research and technological projects;
  • exchange experience in the field of human-machine interaction technologies.


  • Speech Technology Center;
  • St. Petersburg State University;
  • St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • University of Eastern Finland;
  • University of Ulm, etc.


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