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Corporate Laboratory of Complex Digital Solutions

The Corporate Laboratory of Complex Digital Solutions was launched jointly by ITMO University and the high-tech company Open Code in 2018. The laboratory brings together science and applied solutions based on the best practices in Russia. Among its key fields is the development of custom IT solutions for enterprises. 


  • generate proposals and conduct R&D, design, and innovative  projects at ITMO in accordance with the main objectives of the Science and Technology Development Strategy of the Russian Federation.
  • contribute to project-oriented module-based educational programs for Master’s students, as well as PhD programs;
  • facilitate the organization of PhD and DSc training;
  • commercialize and implement research results.


  • digital technologies for smart cities;
  • a recommendation system for patients with chronic diseases based on a hybrid modeling of biological processes;
  • an intelligent distributed system for cancer screening (a federal stage);
  • a technology for building software-defined quantum-cryptographic networks;
  • an analytics platform for detecting and predicting deviant behaviors among the users of social media platforms based on the composition and comparison of unstructured data from various media resources;
  • an information technology for creating and operating public electronic platforms for big data analysis in the retail sector, etc.


Together with Open Code, the Corporate Laboratory of Complex Digital Solutions completed and patented the following projects: 

  • a software module for intelligent planning for emergency response teams (RU 2018612257);
  • a module for corporate documentation processing (RU 2022611781);
  • a digital platform for integral monitoring (RU 2022668401);
  • software platform Digital Educational Environment (RU 2022680003);
  • software product Data Transfer Module Between System Components (RU 2022684889);
  • software product Module for Events Processing and Notifications Sending (RU 2022685095);
  • software service for shaping individual learning tracks (RU 2022685654).

The laboratory’s solutions utilize a broad range of programming languages and technologies, including Java, Dot Net, Python, C++, PHP, Javascript/Typescript (Vue, Angular, React, Ext), which allows researchers to build reliable easy-to-scale cross-platform apps. The software products are registered by the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media.

Available equipment 

The laboratory includes 20 workstations with computers, screens, and all the necessary peripherals, as well as internet access.


The Corporate Laboratory of Complex Digital Solutions collaborates with the Russian state and executive authorities, the healthcare facilities in the Samara Oblast, financial and credit organizations, the Russian Railways, small and medium businesses, as well as implement research and educational projects jointly with the country’s top universities, including ITMO University, the Kurchatov Institute, the National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute", Samara State Technical University, Samara University, and MIREA - Russian Technological University. 


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