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Research and Development Center "Precision Electromechanics"

The Research and Development Center "Precision Electromechanics" produces high-precision gears, electromechanical systems, and control systems for  traction electric drives, including the design, development, and manufacturing of energy-efficient bidirectional semiconductor converters.

In 2000, the center became a leading company for Roscosmos in the field of motor controllers based on energy-efficient semiconductor converters and computer control systems for next-gen quantum and optical systems, as well as began to investigate, design, produce, and implement systems of digital precision controllers. 

The developed controllers are used as part of high-precision optoelectronic and laser complexes for space navigation and geodesy (the satellite navigation system GLONASS), as well as for space review and control, whereas precision electromechanical tracking systems based on the developments of the center’s specialists are implemented in space telescopes and quantum and optical systems at Russian cosmodromes and laser ranging monitoring and measuring sites.


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