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Research Center of Microwave Photonics Data Transfer Systems

The Research Center of Microwave Photonics Data Transfer Systems includes two laboratories: the Laboratory of Single-Photon Detectors and Generators and the Laboratory of Design Methods for Data Transfer Systems. 

The Laboratory of Single-Photon Detectors and Generators conducts fundamental studies on the generation and absorption of photons in semiconductor heterostructures, studies the process of epitaxial growth and the effects of self-organization of semiconductor nanostructures occurring during epitaxy, and deploys fundamental knowledge to create a multi-component base of quantum optical information technologies, including high-efficient detectors of single photons, generators of single photons, and random number generators based on vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers. 

The Laboratory of Design Methods for Data Transfer Systems runs research, development, and technological activities related to the assembly of data transmission channels and promotes the university’s international collaborations and integrations in related technologies. 


  • research on the fundamental processes of the generation and detection of single photons (January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2024).


  • Center for Collective Use “Materials Science and Diagnostics in Advanced Technologies” of the Ioffe Institute;

  • OKB-Planeta;

  • Connector Optics.


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