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Faculty of Secure Information Technologies

Danil Zakoldaev
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  • International Scientific and Academic Center "Security and Safety for Critical Digital Technologies"
    • Cyber Testing Ground – Learning Center
    • Laboratory of Validation and Verification of Complex Technical Systems
    • Laboratory of Cryptographic Methods of Information Security

Faculty of Secure Information Technologies trains qualified personnel in the field of information security and data protection, as well as computer systems design who can effectively work in Russian and foreign companies and organizations.

The Faculty's laboratories are equipped with modern technical information security tools and software and hardware information protection systems developed by leading companies in the field: Positive Technologies, Infotecs, SearchInfo, Laboratory PPS and other vendors. Some of the laboratory's set-ups are unique in their research applications. All of the Faculty's facilities have computer classes where students work on safety measures for computer equipment and automated systems, solve programming tasks and learn to use new computer technologies.

International Programs

International Laboratory "SCA Research Lab" was created in collaboration with the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (Finland). It focuses on creating research and methodology means for providing information security, protection of modern and potential devices from side channel attacks, monitoring systems of information security, providing information security for cloud technologies, distributed and multiagent systems. Nowadays, ID devices such as smart-cards, bank cards, sim-cards, RFID tags and such are widely used all over the world, Russia included. The popularity of crypto devices, monitoring systems, distributed and multiagent systems makes their security a priority in research on side channel attacks.

In 2016, the Faculty opened joint educational programs with Aalto University and Al-Farabi Kazakh National University for training Master's students in the field of informational security.

The Faculty's Laboratory on Computer Forensics and Cybercrime Investigation conducts research in the field of computer forensic analysis and trains Bachelor's, Master's and PhD students in investigating computer emergencies.

The Leet More team represents the Faculty and ITMO University at CTF competitions in computer security.

Partner Companies and Universities

  • "E-government Operator" national public establishment;
  • Central Bank of Russia;
  • Sberbank of Russia;
  • LenTransGas Ltd;
  • Jsc Concern VKO "Almaz-Antey";
  • Lenpoligrafmash Jsc;
  • Software Research Institute;
  • Radar-MMC R&D Company;
  • Masshtab Research Institute;
  • Kaspersky Lab;
  • Doctor Web Jsc;
  • Digital Security Jsc;
  • Laboratory PPS Cjsc;
  • Positive Technologies Cjsc;
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