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Institute of Advanced Data Transfer Systems

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  • Research Center for Advanced Functional Materials and Laser Communication Systems
    • International Laboratory "Laser Systems and Technologies"
    • Transnational Scientific and Education UNIFEL Center for Advanced Methods of Materials Research
    • Laboratory of Laser Systems
  • Research Center of Microwave Photonics Data Transfer Systems
    • Laboratory of Design Methods for Data Transfer Systems
    • Laboratory of Single-Photon Detectors and Generators

The Institute of Advanced Data Transfer Systems trains Specialist’s and Master’s students, develops next-gen data transfer, reception and laser devices, as well as conducts fundamental studies in the field of physical materials science and laser physics through a global integration of physical and digital systems. 

Master’s programs

PhD programs

  • Mechanics of Deformable Solids;
  • Condensed State Physics;
  • Semiconductor Physics;
  • Laser Physics;
  • Optical and Opto-Electronic Devices and Complexes;
  • Biochemistry;
  • Metallurgy and Heat Treatment of Metals and Alloys;
  • Quantum Electronics.

Our graduates work at companies and productions, are involved in research, design, engineering, and manufacturing at the university’s laboratories and centers, as well as deliver lectures at ITMO and other universities in Russia and abroad.

Key fields

  • radio-photon data transmission systems;
  • optical wireless and radio communications, including quantum technologies;
  • laser communication systems;
  • optoelectronic software for cyber-physical systems;
  • novel materials-based elements, devices, and systems in optoelectronics and electronics;
  • single photon detectors and generators; 
  • assembly of data transfer systems;
  • promising functional materials in photonics and microelectronics;
  • modeling of optical, electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties of functional materials and devices;
  • laser and synchrotron technologies;
  • hydrogen energy;
  • industrial Internet of Things (IoT);
  • sensorics.


  • Russian Railways;
  • Gazprom Neft;
  • Kurchatov Institute;
  • Ioffe Institute;
  • European XFEL;
  • GS Group, etc.


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