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Institute of Applied Computer Science

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The Institute of Applied Computer Science trains specialists in software development, bioinformatics, machine learning, and data analysis. Our lecturers and students publish their papers in international journals, take part in conferences, receive grants, and work on scientific and applied projects. 

In figures

  • 8 Master’s programs in software, machine learning, data analysis, and bioinformatics;

  • 250+ students with various experiences and backgrounds from more than 30 universities across Russia;

  • 50+ lecturers, including the Ilya Segalovich Award laureates, ICPC winners and coaches, researchers, and IT experts. 

Key research fields

  • Theoretical computer science;

  • Programming language theory;

  • Bioinformatics;

  • Data analysis;

  • Artificial intelligence;

  • Software engineering.


  • Machine Learning Lab;

  • Computer Technologies Lab;

  • VK;

  • Bioinformatics Institute;

  • Artyomov Lab (Washington University in St. Louis).

Master’s programs


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