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Vladimir Parfenov

The Information Technologies and Programming Faculty prepares professionals in the field of software engineering for databases and databanks, dialogue expert systems of an artificial intelligence, electronic banking systems, corporative systems of enterprise management and controlling sophisticated technical facilities including petroleum refineries, power stations, airports, banks, different institutions, computer games, educational systems, that use computerized training technologies.

A specific feature of the systems mentioned above consists in the requirement of the software development predominating in the whole system design (up to 90 %).

The Faculty provides education at Bachelor's and Master's levels specialized in Applied Mathematics and Informatics and Engineers in Information Systems and Technologies, Information Technologies in Education, Business Information Technology.

Our Faculty is one of the best Russian higher educational institutions specialising in training computer science specialists.

A special pride of our Faculty is the Computer Technologies Chair being one of the strongest in Russia. In 1991 the Computer Technologies Chair was created at the university for training students gifted in precise and computing sciences. During this period the Chair has turned into a worldwide-recognized center for training talented young programmers.

In addition to the Computer Technologies Chair at the Faculty there is an Information Systems Chair, where future specialists are trained in development and operation of the corporation information management computer systems. There is also a Chair of the Computer Technologies in Education that is an affiliate Faculty based on a number of the St. Petersburg companies oriented on an offshore programming.

The St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (St. Petersburg ITMO) ranks among the three prize winning tertiary education institutions in Russia specializing in computer science and technology. During the last decade of the twentieth century, the rapid development in computing technology and computer know-how increased as well as a corresponding toughening of the qualifying standards for specialists. Simultaneously, the enthusiasm of applicants has led to higher standards in education for the specialities concerned with computer technologies. As a result, in 2000 one of the oldest computer Facultys in Russia - the Computer Technologies and Operation Faculty became the largest Faculty in our University. Later it was divided into two Facultys; one of them is the Faculty of the Information Technologies and Programming. Our University became almost the only Russian tertiary institute with two specialized Computer Facultys.

Furthermore, the creation of the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty was caused by a more essential reason. Nowadays the main part of the manpower, material and financial resources in the computer industry is concerned directly not with the manufacture of the computer equipment (hardware) but to a greater extent with the program product (software). It is no accident that last year`s largest companies produced a non-material product - software, being the leaders and the largest corporations in the world.

The Faculty is recognized in Russia as the leader in the field of the computer networks and telecommunication systems, as well as software development. Faculty members were the initiators of the Russian Federal intercollegiate computer network RUNNet and have substantially contributed to its development. This network makes it possible for the Russian higher schools to gain access to the global network Internet. There are technical and administrative network centers operating RUNNet at the university. In 2000 Faculty members awarded the Russian Governmental Prize for their contributions to establishing RUNNET. Among the prize recipients are the Head of the Computer Technologies Faculty Prof. V.N. Vasiliev, Ass. Prof. U.V. Gugel, Ass. Prof. I.S. Pakhomov, Ass. Prof. S.E. Khoruzhnikov.

The Faculty conducts educational and organization work for training software developers. At the Computer Technologies chair there is a Center organizing the North-East European semi-final competitions as part of the World Team Programming Championship. The Dean of the Faculty Prof. V.G. Parfenov is a Regional Director of these competitions. In 2002, with the efforts of the Faculty's teachers and students the first All-Russia Team Programming Contest was held.

The Information Technology and Programming Academy which searches for and prepares gifted school boys and girls for programming has been established at the Faculty.

Great attention has been paid to the students` scientific activity. During last four years, students of the Faculty have published four books in the central publishing houses (that is the best achievement among Russian tertiary institutions) and more than 150 articles in foreign scientific magazines. They have received 12 grants from the President of Russia, 5 grants of the Russian Government, more than 50 Soros` grants and about 30 grants from the international scientific funds.

The Faculty has established a wide network of international connections with foreign universities and with the largest computer corporations such as Microsoft, IBM, SUN, Siemens rendering assistance in the teaching process and sometimes offering to the graduates job in their research centers in Russia and abroad. A number of the leading St. Petersburg computer companies involved in the international system of software development and financing also participate in student training as far as they need highly proficient staff.

The efforts of the Faculty are focused not only on the preparation of gifted elite computer specialists. The Faculty has a training program for students from different regions of Russia which is self funded. This program is conducted in co-operation with the Natural Science Faculty and Intercollegiate Access Course chair. One of the main objectives of this program to run an academic process for graduates of Intercollegiate Access Courses in order to help these students to adapt step by step to the requirements of St. Petersburg tertiary institutions in conditions that are attentive and monitor student progress.

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