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Institute of Translational Medicine (ITM) of ITMO University was established in cooperation with Federal Almazov North-West Research Center as an innovative hub for joint R&D and educational activities in biomedical technologies.

Translational Medicine is a cutting edge interdisciplinary field that fuses clinical medicine and biotechnologies to develop new therapeutic and diagnostic methods.

Translational Medicine addresses the following problems:

  • Development of molecular diagnostic techniques

  • Development of medical devices

  • Design of artificial organs

  • Tissue engineering

  • Gene and cell therapy.

Mission of Institute of Translational Medicine

Mission of the Institute of Translational Medicine is to join competencies of ITMO University’s R&D specialists and medical scientists and physicians of Almazov Research Center in order to improve the efficiency of IT introduction into general medical practice and translate cutting-edge biomedical research into innovations in demand in the current medical marketplace.

Goals of Institute of Translational Medicine

Coordinating and carrying out fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research, implementation of competitive projects and launch of international joint educational programs in biomedical technologies for advanced methods of diagnostics, treatment and nursing.

International research laboratories included into ITM and multidisciplinary projects implemented:

Medical Decision Making Support Systems Lab

  • Research Adviser - Aleksandra Konradi, MD, PhD, DSc, ProfessorThe Deputy Director General of Science, Federal Almazov North-West Medical Research CentreThe Head of the Research Department for Hypertension, Federal Almazov North-West Medical Research Centre;

  • International Co-adviser - PhD, Anton Georgius Khukstra, Associate Professor at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Applied Radioengineering Lab

  • Research Adviser - Irina Melchakova, PhD, Associate Professor at ITMO University, Head of International Scientific Research Department;

  • International Co-adviser – Nico (C.A.T.) van den Berg, PhD, The Netherlands.

Radiation Medicine Lab

  • Research Adviser - Elena Grineva, Director of the Institute of Endocrinology, the Chief endocrinologist of the North-West Federal District, MD, Professor;

  • International Co-adviser - Mikhail Blagosklonny, MD, PhD, Chief editor of peer-reviewed journals “Cell Cycle” and “Aging”, Roswell Park Cancer Institute (the USA).

Genomics and Bioinformatics Lab

  • Research Adviser  - Anna A. Kostareva, MD, PhD, Molecular Biology and Genetics Department

  • International Co-adviser - Alexander Kanapin, PhD, Computational Genomics Head, Department of Oncology, University of Oxford.

Metabolism and Trace Elements Lab

  • Research Adviser  - Ludmila V. Puchkova, PhD, Professor of Biochemistry, ITMO University, Institute of Experimental Medicine

  • International Co-adviser - Massimo Broggini, PhD, Professor, Molecular Pharmacology Unit, Mario Negri Institute, Milan, Italy.

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