International Educational Programs Department

International Educational Programs Department

International Educational Programs Department

International Educational Programs Department (IEPD) coordinates exchange activities at individual and department levels to include ITMO University in a worldwide network of research and teaching collaborations.

Selected strategic research collaborations offer the opportunity for the establishment of new forms of cooperation. These are funded by the program for enhancing the competitiveness of the ITMO university among the world’s leading research and educational centers “5 to 100” and serve to underpin ITMO University status at national and international level.

Geographically most of ITMO University’s contacts and strategic initiatives are based in Europe and Asia followed by North America.

International Educational Programs Department global activity is also evidenced by its 200 university partnerships and 49 International Research Centers as well as University membership in European networks such European University Association (EUA).

International Educational Programs Department:

  • implements strategies to boost internationalization at ITMO University;
  • coordinates and supports research and teaching collaboration activities established at the faculty, institute and chair levels;
  • increases ITMO online visibility worldwide by providing full range information about University life, projects and plans;
  • facilitates process of students gaining international academic experience by developing relationships with University international academic partners worldwide and through state bilateral agreements;
  • initiates and supports joint research projects or research groups;
  • participates in key education and research markets, major international education fairs and annual networking conferences  in Europe, North America, China and India;
  • acts as the first port of call for delegations and visitors from other countries and establishes contacts between international visitors and both academics and students at ITMO;
  • operates an office in Brussels, with the goal of raising the profile of ITMO education and research programs and of expanding relations with European universities and research institutes.


Ekaterina Tulugurova, Head of International Educational Programs Department

Phone: +7 (812) 457.1790


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