International Relations Department

International Relations Department

International Relations Department

The International Relations Department is the first port of call for prospective international students and scholars at ITMO University. It coordinates and supports academic mobility programs and cooperates closely with a wide range of partner institutions through international academic associations and state bilateral agreements.

The International Relations Department was established as a part of a project to create a comfortable environment for education, research, and living for foreign nationals of ITMO University.

The International Relations Department serves 1,000+ international students who attend ITMO University.


The International Relations Department provides the following services:

  • educates international researchers, lecturers, doctoral students and administrative staff on such issues working conditions, residence and work permits, registration, social security and more;

  • processes legal documents required for the admission of all international students (including undergraduate, graduate, special, exchange, and visiting students);

  • advises on immigration regulations;

  • helps students and faculty adjust to life in Russia and to the study process at ITMO University, and provides counseling related to emergencies and immigration issues;

  • facilitates ITMO University students’ international academic experience by establishing proper procedures with its international partners;

  • hosts delegations and visitors from other countries and establishes contacts between international visitors and both academics and students at ITMO University



Olga Rumiantseva, Head of International Relations Department

Phone: +7 (812) 314.7479


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