IT’s MOre Than Business Partnerships.

Driving business through scientific breakthroughs and innovation? Yes!

ITMO University partners with over 200 companies, including General Motors, IBM, Nokia, Yandex, Oxford Instruments and PPG, to develop research-based marketable solutions. We also work with over three dozen Russian companies on developing everything from navigation systems to oral information systems to communication technologies in astrophysics.

Our Innovation Hub helps startups get off the ground with strategic foresight, fundraising, market analysis and IP protection, as well as finding partners in high-tech industries. In 2013, we opened The Center for Technology Transfer. Students and faculty also receive support from iDeal Machine, a Russian-American-Israeli startup accelerator organized by ITMO University and financed by a $6 million venture fund.

The university is developing a strategic partnership with North-Western Center for Technology Transfer “Rosnano” and is a venture partner of RBK seed venture fund. In 2013, a tech company “Sensor systems” was formed through collaboration between Rosnano and the laboratory of sensors and telemetrics at ITMO. Some of the company’s projects include a new generation heat flux sensor that measure the amount of heat in homes and enterprises, ultrasound emitters for home and medical use and a system for touch-free diagnostics of pipelines.

We welcome collaboration with industry in cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary research that provides solutions to pressing challenges. Contact us about partnering, sponsoring research as well as licensing and commercializing ITMO’s technologies. 

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