Chemistry and Artificial Intelligence

Place of Study: St. Petersburg, Russia
Outcome (diploma or credits): Master of Science (ITMO University)
Duration: 2 years, 120 credits
Language: English
Application Deadline: 01 August 2022
Admission Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in the field of chemistry, chemical technology, applied computer science, software engineering, or physics, with excellent/good grades; CV & motivation letter; upper-intermediate level of English*
Tuition Fee: 305,000 rubles/year for international students

Career options

The program trains specialists with an in-depth understanding of materials science and global digitalization and data processing in AI who can use this knowledge to tackle grand challenges in chemical technology. Graduates of the program will be sought-after at various R&D centers operating within large chemical and pharmaceutical companies, as well as startups and research institutes. 

Top companies in Russia:

BIOCAD, SIBUR, EuroChem Group AG, PhosAgro, Kazanorgsintez, and Gazprom Neft. 


Program description

The program is a synergy of chemical sciences and AI, with each module being focused on the use of the technologies for solving a certain chemical problem: 

The module-based program is designed to be in line with the demands of modern science and industry and is based on the expertise of an international team of academic and industrial partners. 

During modules on commercialization and introduction to technology brokering, students will study the processes of product creation from its start to finish using the examples of the program’s industrial partners. The course on the fundamentals of machine learning will allow students not only to master the basics of the model building but also learn to apply these skills to solve specific chemical problems, such as the optimization of synthesis, obtaining materials with specific physicochemical properties, and so on. 

Students will also gain valuable experience in working with neural networks and their applications for chemical problems that will help them develop the most flexible predictive models based on big data. This is an extremely important skill since nowadays the volumes of data in materials science and chemistry are reaching those for building effective models of deep learning. They will also master algorithms and data structures through programming in Python. Thus, students will know more about how to process and analyze data and will be able to use their experience to switch to other programming languages, which are more suitable for solving this or that task. 

The program is delivered under the aegis of SCAMT Lab (Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies) specializing in the creation of hybrid materials using soft solution chemical methods in nanomaterial science and development of biomedical, optical materials, and advanced industrial materials. 

Students can perform research projects as part of a research group or work on their own startups at an industrial laboratory. 

Research groups:

Program сontent

*The applicants are required to pass entrance examination successfully.

List of entrance examination questions

How to apply?

To apply, please fill in the application form and follow our step-by-step application guide for more details.

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