Big Data and Machine Learning

Place of Study: St. Petersburg, Russia
Outcome (diploma or credits): Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Informatics (ITMO University)
Duration: 2 years, 120 credits
Language: English
Application Deadline: 15 August 2022
Admission Requirements: Bachelor's degree in the field of computer science with excellent/good grades; CV & motivation letter; upper-intermediate level of English*
Tuition Fee: 380,000 rubles/year for international students

Career options

With a degree in Big Data and Machine Learning, graduates can work as research engineers, data specialists, analysts, and software developers at large research centers and innovative startups, as well as researchers at the best universities in Russia and abroad.

Program description

In today’s world, a company cannot be fully hi-tech and competitive without using the achievements of big data analytics. Specialists who can properly arrange analytical processes and implement high-performance data algorithms in distributed computing environments are especially sought-after on the market due to the accelerated development of information technologies.

The goal of the educational program is to train highly qualified experts who can design, develop and effectively use big data and machine learning technologies to solve modern-day problems.

Do you want to become a highly qualified specialist and acquire knowledge and skills in such cutting-edge fields as programming, data storage systems, statistics, and machine learning? Would you like to work on international research projects and meet the challenges of various professional fields, from big data storage and processing to analysis and forecasting of people’s behavior on social media? Then the Big Data and Machine Learning international Master’s program is exactly what you need!


  1. Big Data Infrastructure Organization and Management track is aimed at studying modern infrastructure for collecting, storing, and processing ultra-large datasets. Potential careers: data engineer, research engineer working on research projects, or specialist working with highly loaded data storage systems.
  2. Technologies of Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis track is aimed at learning methods, models, and highly efficient algorithms for automatically extracting knowledge from data using machine learning methods, as well as analyzing data using deep learning methods and neural networks. Potential careers: research engineer, data analyst, analyst and software developer at large research centers and innovative startups, researcher at leading universities in Russia and abroad.
  3. Cognitive Technologies and Quantum Intelligence track is focused on modeling complex socio-economic processes using modern methods of quantum information theory, cognitive technologies, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Potential careers: research mathematicians (analysts) on new forms of economics and finance (cognitive economics); developers of artificial intelligence systems with elements of cognitive and quantum computing.
  4. Intelligent Big Data Technologies in Medicine and Healthcare track will give students the tools to master the methods of formalizing, structuring, interpreting, and assimilating knowledge for decision support tasks in medicine and healthcare. The specialization also includes courses in mathematical epidemiology and medical statistics.


Program сontent

*The applicants are required to pass entrance examinations successfully.

List of entrance examination questions

How to apply?

To apply, please fill in the application form and follow our step-by-step application guide for more details.

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