Digital Control Systems

Place of Study: Russia
Outcome (diploma or credits): Master of Science (ITMO University)
Duration: 2 years, 120 credits
Language: English
Application Deadline: 09 August 2021
Admission Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in the field of automatic control, system analysis, data processing or equivalent field, with excellent/good grades; the upper-intermediate level of English*
Tuition Fee: 251,000 rubles per year for Russian students; 271,000 rubles per year for international students

Career options: there is an ocean of opportunities out there for skilled professionals in digital control systems and digital systems analysis. Our graduates work as research engineers, system analysts, and developers in scientific centers focusing on such fields as robotics and modern digital technologies.

In a world where technologies develop at an increasingly fast pace, finding a stable and rewarding job is quite a challenge. The only way to keep up with the changing market and achieve professional and financial success is to become an expert in the field that will remain relevant for decades to come. Digital control systems will definitely play a significant role in the global economy for many years ahead.

Being an interdisciplinary field, digital systems are used everywhere: household and industrial automation, automobiles, mechatronics, and robotics, etc.

The program:

The students will:

*The applicants are required to pass entrance examination successfully.

The list of entrance examination questions

Student review

Want to know more? Read the stories of international students at the Digital Control Systems program to learn more about the major and their experiences:


"I chose this Master's degree because nowadays automation and control of digital systems are booming.

If you know how to control everything with computers, as a mechanical and electrical system,

you will have the future in your hands."



Alexander Ramos​, a student of the Digital Control Systems program




"I chose this field because I believe it has become huge and there are a lot of opportunities.

It allows you to think outside the box and improve your creative thinking:

from assembling to bringing machines to life, the entire process is very interesting."


Kharchi Taha Mohamed Samy, a student of the Digital Control Systems program



How to apply?

To apply, please fill in the application form and follow our step-by-step application guide for more details.

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Program Coordinator, Dr. Sergei Shavetov 
ITMO International Admission Office

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