Innovation Entrepreneurship

Place of Study: St. Petersburg, Russia
Outcome (diploma or credits): Master of Science (ITMO University)
Duration: 2 years, 120 credits
Language: English
Application Deadline: 09 August 2022
Admission Requirements: Bachelor’s/Specialist’s degree; CV (indicating academic and professional achievements) & motivation letter; interview; certificate of proficiency in English (B2/C1 and higher) for non-native speakers.
Tuition Fee: 305,000 rubles/year for international students

Career options

Graduates of the program will be able to join leading companies in related fields, work as product managers, data analytics, lead change management in enterprises and initiate the implementation of innovations.  


Program description  

FoodTech Entrepreneurship

FoodTech is a promising sector that blends the food industry with technology and digitalization. The field is growing rapidly in Russia (20-30% per year) covering more and more areas. The specialization offers a number of field-related disciplines, which are delivered in collaboration with the industrial partners of the program. Most of the disciplines are taught by business practitioners: CEOs, production directors, product developers, marketers, etc.

Key courses

Creative Industries

Creative Industries is a specialization that seeks to reinvent the future of cultural and creative clusters through sustainable innovation and disruptive technologies. The specialization aims to train innovative leaders who will bring new levels of creativity, vision, and integrity to business and society. Focusing primarily on the industries of fashion and culture tech, new media, design innovation, and sustainable construction, CI prepares professionals who have theoretical, aesthetical, ethical, and business visions of creative industries. These are the leaders who have a deep understanding of business strategies, creative economy, and advanced technologies, as well as great collaborative skills, and who are able to bring innovative projects to life.

Key courses

Life Sciences

The Life Sciences specialization is determined by the needs of society in the development of systemic provision of health support and treatment. The program is taught by practicing specialists in the field of innovative life sciences companies. By choosing this specialization, students will learn how to efficiently attract investments in the field of biotechnology and medical services, launch their own businesses, and lead organizations. To achieve these goals, students will master modern technologies, management practices, and the fundamentals of marketing. During their studies, students are trained to manage high-tech production for medical and biological purposes, creation, commercialization and implementation of innovations in the field of health care, as well as conducting audit, assessment and protection of intellectual property. Graduates of the program will become independent practicing specialists or startup CEOs, or experts in entrepreneurship that comprises sciences with a scientific focus on living organisms, such as microorganisms, plants, and animals, as well as an independent practicing specialist or a startup CEO.

Key courses

ICT Entrepreneurship

IT and telecommunications is one the most high-tech sectors of the economy today. Within this specialization, students will gain competencies in the development and management of projects in the ICT sector. The specialization curriculum covers the aspects of promoting and scaling projects into global markets taking into account the current legal aspects of the ICT sector. The program allows students to work on their own projects and implement their startup ideas in ICT, conduct scientific research in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation management, change management of companies, business automation tools and identify the results of introducing new technologies into business processes within a sustainable economy.

Key courses

List of entrance examination questions

How to apply?

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