Summer Camp in Competitive Programming 2022

Place of Study: Online/on-campus
Outcome (diploma or credits): ITMO Official Certificate, 3 ECTS
Duration: 2 weeks (June 20 - July 1, 2022)
Language: English
Application Deadline: 15 May 2022
Admission Requirements: Python / C++/ Java skills (at least one), intermediate level of the English language and higher
Tuition Fee: 22,000 RUB (~245 euro)

*Application deadline: May 15, 2022 – on-campus; June 5, 2022 – online 

Program description

The program is designed for those who have little experience in competitive programming yet know any general-purpose programming language. If you are a beginner who tried to solve some problems on LeetCode or Codeforces and feels comfortable writing code in your favorite programming language, then this camp is for you!

Сlasses will include lectures followed by practical workshops where students will solve real-world competitive programming cases on a given topic.

Learn from the world's 7-times programming champions to achieve excellent career expertise!

More details can be found here.


International Admission Office
Ms. Ekaterina Rassolenko

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