Advanced Summer Camp in Competitive Programming 2022

Place of Study: Online!
Outcome (diploma or credits): ITMO Official Certificate, 2 ECTS
Duration: 1 week (June 6-10, 2022)
Language: English
Application Deadline: 22 May 2022
Admission Requirements: Python / C++/ Java skills (at least one), intermediate level of the English language and higher
Tuition Fee: 12,000 RUB (~140 euro)

Program description

The program is designed for students who have experience in competitive programming. If compared to Codeforces ranking it is for high ranked division 2 participants and low ranked division 1 participants.

Сlasses will include lectures followed by practical workshops where students will solve real-world competitive programming cases on a given topic.

Learn from the world's 7-times programming champions to achieve excellent career expertise!

Who can apply?

More details can be found here.


International Admission Office
Ms. Ekaterina Rassolenko

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