eGovPoliNet: Building a global multidisciplinary digital governance and policy modelling research and practice community

Partners: Universitaet Koblenz-Landau

Summary: Programme Funding: FP 7
Duration: From 15.08.2011 to 15.02.2015
Results: Share and advance research and insights from practical cases around the world.

eGovPoliNet sets up an international community in ICT solutions for governance and policy modelling. The international community of researchers and practitioners will share and advance research and insights from practical cases around the world. To achieve this, eGovPoliNet will build on experiences accumulated by leading actors bringing together the innovative knowledge of the field. Capabilities, tools and methods brought forward by academia, ICT industry, highly specialised policy consulting firms, and policy operators and governance experts from governments will be investigated and collected in an international knowledge base. Comparative analyses and descriptions of cases, tools and scientific approaches will complement this knowledge base. Therewith, the currently existing fragmentation across disciplines will be overcome.Functions of eGovPoliNet towards community building, RTD monitoring and comparative analysis will mainly be conducted in an internet-based participatory manner, complemented with regular physical meetings attached to conferences. Community building of experts from academia, industry and public organizations, and other interested stakeholders will be supported by a community portal for knowledge sharing, collaboration, dissemination, and multidisciplinary constituency building in an open environment. eGovPoliNet expertise covers a wide range of aspects for social and professional networking and multidisciplinary constituency building along the axes of technology, participative processes, governance, policy modelling, social simulation and visualisation. Regular physical and virtual meetings with off- and online discussions and comparative studies will contribute to capacity building of the community.Through sharing of approaches and exposing them to the community's discussions, eGovPoliNet will advance the way research, development and practice is performed worldwide in using ICT solutions for governance and policy modelling.

Programme topic: ICT-2011.5.6 - ICT solutions for governance and policy modelling

Project Reference: 288136

Type of funding scheme: Coordination and Support action

Budget: EUR 752 513


  • Coordinator: Universitaet Koblenz-Landau (Germany, Mainz)

  • University of Technology Sydney (Australia)

  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium)

  • Associacao Paranaense de Cultura APC (Brazil)

  • Universite Laval (Canada)

  • Europäische Akademie zur Erforschung von Folgen wissenschaftlich-technischer Entwicklungen (Germany)

  • Ethniko Kentro Erevnas Kai Technologikis Anaptyxis (Greece)

  • University College Dublin, National University of Ireland, Dublin (Ireland)

  • Innova SPA (Italy)

  • Unu International Institute Software Technology Unuiist (Macao)

  • Technische Universiteit Delft (Netherlands)

  • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Netherlands)

  • The University of Auckland (New Zealand)

  • Moskowskij Gosudarstvennij Oblastnoj Universitet (Russia)

  • ITMO University (Russia)

  • Technical University Kosice (Slovakia)

  • Khmelnitsky National University (Ukraine)

  • Volterra Partners LLP (United Kingdom)

  • Brunel University (United Kingdom)

  • The Research Foundation of State University Of New York (United States)

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