Annual training of Swiss Universities’ teams for ICPC Programming Contest

ETH Zurich

Partners: ETH Zurich

Summary: Objective of the project – intensive week-long training session by champions of ACM ICPC from ITMO University Project scope – ETH Zurich programming team gets theoretical lectures, problem solving training and errors analysis to prepare for sport programming world competition
Duration: Since 2010 till predent day April 13-19, 2015 – the last one
Results: ETH Zurich programming team become regular finalists of ACM ICPC competitions

Project Description

The project is aimed at enhancing the sport programming skills of ETH Zurich ( students, preparing them for major programming competition and maximizing their results.

Project partners

Project involves several partners:

Project Scope

International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) is a sport programming world competition held under the auspices of ACM. At first, ACM ICPC participants were mostly from USA and Canada Universities. Russian universities took part in ACM ICPC for the first time in 1993. Since joining the competition, Russian teams have won it 10 times! The record-holder is ITMO University, whose team has scored the champion title six times.

ITMO champions have been training foreign students and pupils for major programming competitions since 2010.

Two trainers, champions of programming competitions, will share their knowledge and skills with the Swiss programming teams during week-long intensive training.

Daily training session includes:

Project Result

After the training sessions, the Swiss teams will have gained hands-on experience in programming contests tactics and strategies, teamwork as well as improved their problem solving skills.

These skills will allow ETH Zurich students regularly advance to the ACM ICP World Finals and improve their performance on a yearly basis.

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