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Anna Gelfand Russian

Anna Gelfand


Anna completed her Master’s degree with distinction in Economics at St. Petersburg State University of Economics in “Accounting, Analysis and Audit in the Economic Sector”. In 2013, Anna participated in the International Student Exchange Program “Entrepreneurship” organized by the Saxion University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands).

From 2014 to 2016, Anna worked as an analyst in the Strategic Planning and Rankings Research Office in the Strategic Development Department at ITMO University. From June 2016, she began working as an analyst in the Rankings Research Center in the Institute of International Development and Partnership.

Anna’s sphere of responsibility in the Centre includes: work related to ensuring ITMO University’s participation in national and international rankings; conducting rankings research, tracking and analysing the dynamics of the ITMO University and other universities positions in rankings and ensuring timely updates of information and analytical materials for internal and external web resources.

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