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Igor Bessmertny is an Associate Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems.  Member of "Architecture and design methods of embedded systems and systems on chip" international laboratory and "Non-linear and adaptive control systems" international research center, member of International Development Committee and Education Quality Committee.


Professor Bessmertny graduated from Riga Civil Aviation Engineers Institute in 1976, with a degree in electronic computers. In 1986, he received a doctor of technical sciences, with a degree in computers, complexes, systems and networks. In 1992, Professor Bessmertny became an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Engineering and in 2015 - a Doctor of Technical Sciences, with specialization in mathematical and computer software.

Professional path

Professor Bessmertny started his career in 1976 as an engineer in the Leningrad United air squadron, where he was engaged in automation of operational management of the Pulkovo airport services. In 1985, he finished his postgraduate studies at LITMO and worked at the Department of Computer Engineering as a senior researcher, senior teacher, and since 1992 as an Associate Professor. From 1995 to 2009, while teaching at LITMO, he worked in the banking sector, and then in retail trade. Under his leadership, an information system was created that supports the work of 29 major clothing stores of the world's leading brands.  Since 2015, he has held the position of a Professor at the Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems.

Research activity

Main results: Semantic program, certificate of registration of intellectual property rights no. 2011614275 dated 30.05.2011;

Library of fast Prolog predicates for list processing, certificate of registration of intellectual property rights no. 2012611773 dated 16.02.2012

Teaching activity

At the moment Dr. Bessmertny teaches the following disciplines: "Intelligent systems", "Computer graphics", "Artificial intelligence systems", "Logical programming", and also has experience in teaching such disciplines as: "Modern problems of computer science and engineering" and "Expert systems".

Professional interests

Intellectual systems based on the production model of knowledge and text processing in natural languages.

Awards and achievements

Medal "300 years of the Russian Navy", Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of June 7, 1996

Diploma of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, 2013


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