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Andrey Ivanov
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    Associate professor
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    Vice Rector for Economic and Financial Affairs
    Head of the Department for Economics and Finance
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Andrey Ivanov has been with ITMO University for over 50 years. He entered the university in 1972 where he graduated with honors in 1978. From 1978 to 1997, he worked at the Department of Applied and Computer Optics as an engineer, a junior researcher, a senior researcher, a laboratory head, and an associate professor. During this time, for the period of five years, Andrey Ivanov held elected positions at the university. In 1991-1996, he was a part-time CEO of a research and production company in automation, control, and manufacturing of optical devices and systems for various applications, including special-purpose ones. In 1997, he was selected as the deputy head of the university’s Department for Economics and Finance. Later on, he was promoted to lead the department. Andrey Ivanov successfully copes with tasks assigned to him. He is hard-working and ambitious. The high rates and sustainable growth achieved under his leadership demonstrated the economical development of the university.

Andrey Ivanov defended his PhD thesis in 1989 and earned the title of senior research associate in 1990.

Andrey Ivanov is a researcher, a leader or a principal investigator of various successful national and international research projects. 

He has been working at ITMO for 36 years, including 31 years as a researcher and a lecturer. He was repeatedly invited by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education  as an expert to consult on projects of federal quota programs and regulations for the higher education system. He participated actively in the development and implementation of the university’s innovative educational program (2007-2008), as well as the development strategy of ITMO University as a national research university (2009).

Over the past decade, Alexey Ivanov focused on student administration by first supporting the university's student council and then the Association of Student Administration and sharing his management and financial experience.

Alexey Ivanov authored over 80 papers, including more than 20 certificates and grants. He partook in numerous conferences in Russia and abroad and earned a reputation of an experienced, qualified, and ambitious employee. 

Throughout his career, Alexey Ivanov received several state medals (the Jubilee Medal “300 Years of the Russian Navy” and the Medal “In memory of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg”), as well as ministerial awards (the badge “Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation” and the Medal “200 Years of the Ministry of Defense”).

Selected publications

  • Ivanov A.V., Alekseev O.M. Pivovarov A.Ya. et al. On some objective functions of automatic control systems with a high level of accuracy. / Adaptive and self-adjusting automatic control systems. Proceedings of LITMO. Issue 83, 1975 – pp. 100-104;

  • Ivanov A.V., Automatic synthesis of reflecting-refractive objectives. News on the Soviet universities. Instrumentation. No. 4, 1981. – pp. 77-80;

  • Ivanov A.V. Investigation of higher-order aberrations of thin components. / Materials of the all-union seminar on the theory and calculation of optical systems. – Leningrad, 1983. – pp. 116.

  • Ivanov A.V. Calculation of aberrations of the third and higher orders in centered optical systems. – M .: Central Research Institute "Electronics", No. R3873, March 22, 1984 – p. 12

  • Ivanov A.V. Automated synthesis of thin optical components. / Collection of theses of reports of the All-Union Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists “Theoretical and Applied Optics”. – Leningrad, 1984. - p. 282, etc.


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