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In 2007, Vladimir Ulyantsev finished St. Petersburg’s Presidential Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 239 and spent the following eight and a half years at ITMO University’s Department of Computer Technologies. He completed his Bachelor’s there in 2011, and his Master’s – in 2013. 

Vladimir Ulyantsev started his academic career as a senior laboratory assistant in 2008, having been invited by ITMO alumnus Fedor Tsarev to help organize and hold programming competitions. Over the following five years, Vladimir Ulyantsev actively contributed to the organization of such contests. He also contributed to the organization of the summer informatics school – one time as a PE instructor and three times as a teacher. 

In 2010, he began participating in scientific activities under the supervision of Fedor Tsarev and Anatoly Shalyto, as well as applying for and conducting work as part of various grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and other agencies on the topic of automated synthesis of finite-state machines. 

Since 2011, Vladimir Ulyantsev has been publishing papers in international journals, presenting his research at Russian and international conferences, and supervising graduation projects. He also initiated to pursue research on the application of SAT and CSP solvers for NP-hard combinatorial problems at the faculty following international colleagues. 

In 2013, Vladimir Ulyantsev started his PhD studies with an internship at the Federal Research and Clinical Center of Physical-Chemical Medicine in Moscow. Since then, along with his main research topic he has been engaged in the field of bioinformatics, namely the computational approaches for comparative metagenomics. In the course of his collaboration with the institute, he developed software tools MetaFast and MetaCherchant and published several papers in the leading bioinformatics journals Bioinformatics and BMC Bioinformatics.

In 2013, he was among the first to join the International Laboratory "Computer Technologies," founded alongside the start of the Project 5-100 on the faculty’s basis under the guidance of Vladimir Parfenov. Together with Daniil Chivilikhin, starting from 2014, Vladimir Ulyantsev has been heading the discrete optimization research group, as well as separate projects on bioinformatics and machine learning. 

In 2015, Vladimir defended his PhD thesis titled Finite-State Machine Synthesis Using SAT and CSP Solvers (in Russian), supervised by Anatoly Shalyto. Since 2016, he has been working as an associate professor at the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty. 

From May 2014, Vladimir Ulyantsev has been heading projects supported by various Russian scientific foundations: Russian Foundation for Basic Research project No. 14-07-31337 (2014-2015) (in Russian), Russian Science Foundation project No. 18-71-00150 (2018-2020) (in Russian), and Russian Foundation for Basic Research project No. 18-07-01285 (2018-2020) (in Russian). From 2016 to 2019, he was an executive appointee of an international project (in Russian) in collaboration with Valery Vyatkin’s group at Aalto University, Finland. Since 2016, he has been supervising student research supported by JetBrains Research

In 2018, after the merger of several laboratories, Vladimir Ulyantsev was appointed the head of the International Laboratory "Computer Technologies". In early 2020, together with Alexey Sergushichev and Stephen O’Brien, he set up the Laboratory of Genomic Diversity on the faculty’s basis. Since 2020, Vladimir has been holding the position of the deputy dean for science at the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty. 

In recent years, Vladimir has been taking great pleasure in delivering scientific and popular science lectures at schools and on various open platforms, including the Presidential Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 239, Sirius education center, New Holland’s Open Lecture Hall, Science Fest, and others. He has also been contributing to the laboratory’s accounts on VK.

Vladimir Ulyantsev is a co-author of over 35 international publications (Scholar, Scopus) and more than 10 software registration certificates, scientific supervisor of 25 completed Bachelor’s and Master’s student theses (in Russian), member of the scientific jury of numerous competitions and hackathons, member of ITMO University’s scientific, technical and academic councils, and expert at Russian grant foundations.


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