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In 2007, Mr. Vinogradov successfully graduated from the Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology with an engineer's diploma in "Chemical technology of high-melt, non-metallic and silicate materials"; in 2010, he defended his PhD thesis in Inorganic Chemistry. 

Further training

  • In 2008, Mr. Vinogradov completed the presidential program on training senior executives.
  • In 2010, completed an internship in Germany on innovations management.
  • In 2011, completed a professional development program on "Modern standardization and certification methods of nanomaterials" at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.
  • In 2011-2016, completed internships at the University of Leipzig (Germany).
  • In 2013, completed an internship at the Hebrew University Unit for Nanoscopic Characterization.


Alexander Vinogradov started his scientific career with studying inorganic compounds obtained by sol-gel chemistry methods. He developed a unique method of low-temperature synthesis that allows synthesizing ceramic crystalline compounds at room conditions, and gave special focus to photocatalytic properties of materials. In 2011, he changed his research focus to synthesis and research of coordination polymers and metal–organic frameworks. Since then, he's synthesized no less than 6 new compounds, developed a unique device for growing crystals at room temperatures, as well as was part of the team that discovered several unique effects in the field of optics, photonics and selective drug delivery.

Current projects

Head of Russian Science Foundation's "Jet printing of optical nano-structures" project

Research background

Has about 60 publications in foreign science journals, including ACS Nano, Advanced Materials, ChemSocRev, ChemMater, Adv Functional Materials and many others. Has 8 patents, most of which have to do with research on composition of ink for jet printing.

Research outcomes

Primary outcome: Founding of a world-class laboratory with a highly motivated team of young researchers with an average age of 25.

Teaching experience

Mr. Vinogradov has been an associate professor and senior lecturer at the Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology, and conducted practical training sessions in Materials Science, Physical Chemistry of High-melt, Non-metallic and Silicate Materials and Modern Methods of Researching Materials and Processes.

Has been Research Adviser to 2 PhD students and 5 Master's Degree students.

Work experience

Started his career in 2004 as a specialist in organizing presentations, exhibitions and conferences. Starting with 2011, became an Associate Professor at the Russian Academy of Sciences and junior research associate at the Institution of Solution Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, some time later he assumed a postdoc position in Germany. In 2014, he and his brother Vladimir Vinogradov launched the International Laboratory Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies (SCAMT), thus realizing his dream and giving young researchers an opportunity for self-fulfillment in this field. In 2017, he became Head of the Biochemistry Cluster.

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