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Pavel Krivoshapkin Russian

Pavel Krivoshapkin


In 2003, graduated from the Syktyvkar State University.

In 2007, defended his PhD thesis on Physical chemistry.

In 2013, got the Associate Professor academic title in Physical Chemistry.

In 2002, started his career as a laboratory assistant, and became head of a laboratory in 2016. 

Did research on developing a general theory that describes and allows to control the interaction of nanoparticles of metal oxides with the surface of synthetic and natural functional materials.

Is author of 137 research papers, more than 20 of which are indexed by WOS and Scopus, 9 by the Russian Science Citation Index, as well as more than 100 materials and reports for different international and all-Russian conferences, and 1 patent application.

Teaching experience

Has been teaching since 2006. Subjects: physical chemistry, colloid chemistry, physical and chemical analysis methods, analytical chemistry.

Was adviser to two PhD students: V.I. Mikhailov and I.S. Martakov.

Social activities

2011-2013: Head of the Council of Young Scientists of the Institute of Chemistry of Komi Science Center UB RAS.

2013-2016: Head of the Council of Young Scientists of the Komi Science Center

2015-2016: Head of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of the Komi Republic

2014-2016: President of Junior Academy of Sciences of the Komi Republic

Awards and achievements

  • Laureate of the Komi Republic Governmental Prize in the field of research, 2008
  • Honorary certificate of the Ural division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2012
  • Honorary certificate of the Ministry of Education of the Komi Republic, 2013
  • RSC Advances, 2014
  • Honorary certificate of the Komi Science Center UB RAS, 2016

In 2017, joined ITMO University's team as Head of the Research and Educational Center of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology.


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