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Klavdiya Bochenina
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In 2008, Klavdiya Bochenina graduated from Vladimir State University with a degree in applied mathematics and computer science, and in 2014 she received her doctorate.

Work experience:

Oct 2008 to Sep 2011 – Assistant at the Department of Physics and Applied Mathematics, Vladimir State University.

Sep 2011 to June 2013 – Senior lecturer of the Business Informatics Department of Vladimir State University.

Aug 2013 to January 2014 – Employee of Research Institute of NCT of ITMO University.

Since Jan 2014 – Engineer of Research Institute of ITMO University.

Since Jan 2016 – Associate Research Fellow, ITMO University

Professional development:

YSC 2015. 4th International Young Scientists Conference and Summer School in Computer Modeling and Simulation (YSC 2015). Greece, Athens. 2015 г.

Research and development activities:

Participates in main projects carried out by the eScience Research Institute

Ongoing teaching disciplines:

Analysis and development of algorithms

Machine learning technologies

Professional interests:

Analysis and development of algorithms, simulation of dynamic processes in complex networks, supercomputer simulation of critical phenomena in complex systems, parallel and distributed computing, machine learning.

Areas of responsibility: 

- Scientific research

- Lecturing

Map Building plans

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