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Denis Nasonov


Denis Nasonov graduated from ITMO University with a major in applied mathematics and computer science in 2010. Since October 2013, he has been a lecturer and employee at TROIKA: Technology and Research On Information-Driven Knowledge Alliance.


  • Introduction to Big Data Processing Technology;

  • Technology and Infrastructure for Big Data;

  • Big Data;

  • Internet Technologies and Big Data;

  • Internet and Web Technologies;

Selected publications

  • Kalyuzhnaya A. V. et al. Synthetic storms reconstruction for coastal floods risks assessment //Journal of Computational Science. – 2015. – vol. 9. – pp. 112-117.

  • Nasonov D., Butakov N. Hybrid Scheduling Algorithm in Early Warning Systems //Procedia Computer Science. – 2014. – Т. 29. – С. 1677-1687.

  • Visheratin A. et al. Hard-deadline Constrained Workflows Scheduling Using Metaheuristic Algorithms //Procedia Computer Science. – 2015. – vol. 66. – pp. 506-514.

  • Knyazkov K.V., Nasonov D.A., Tchurov T.N., Boukhanovsky A.V. Interactive workflow-based infrastructure for urgent computing. Procedia Computer Science 2013. pp. 2223-2232.

  • Nasonov D. et al. Hybrid Evolutionary Workflow Scheduling Algorithm for Dynamic Heterogeneous Distributed Computational Environment //International Joint Conference SOCO’14-CISIS’14-ICEUTE’14. – Springer International Publishing, 2014. – pp. 83-92, etc.


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