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Peter Sloot is a distinguished research professor at the University of Amsterdam and a professor and co-director of the Complexity Institute in NTU, Singapore. He is a Leading Scientist Laureate and has been the PI of many international research programs on complex biomedical systems. He is editor in chief of two highly ranked Elsevier Science publications: Journal of Computational Science and Future Generation of Computing Systems. He has published over 400 research papers.

Dr. Sloot is the General Chair of the ICCS series of conferences on Computational Sciences and in the past was the Director of the International MSc program on Computational Science (2008 – 2013), the external member of the UK eScience Strategic Advisory Team and Co-director Complexity Institute NTU, Singapore (2014).

His professional awards include Distinguished professor Numerical Physics, Dutch Physics Society (2000), National Institute for Advanced Studies (NIAS): 2013/2014: Fellow of the Rector, Leading Scientist Award (3.6 M€) (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 2010), the largest individual scientific award in the world.

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