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Aleksandr Zagarskikh
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    Associate professor at the Game Development School
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Starting from 2012, Aleksandr Zagarskikh and his colleagues have participated in a number of projects associated with visualization and virtual reality in quantum chemistry, flight simulators, medicine, and multiagent systems. He has experience in creating graphic systems for synthesizing ultra-realistic images in real-time and high-performance network protocols for distributed visualization systems. 


  • teaching;

  • supervision;

  • project and research activities.


Current projects: big data for supporting decision making in the financial sector based on predictive modeling; study and development of multiscale modeling technologies and interactive visualization of development scenarios of the Yuzhny satellite city; technologies of integrated assessment of urban environments based on simulation of urban processes.

Taught courses

  • Introduction to Game Technologies;

  • VR Technologies;

  • Scientific Visualization and VR;

  • Scientific Computer Graphics and VR;

  • Visualization Technologies and VR.

Professional interests

AI systems and tools for content creation, software development, visualization, and computer graphics. 

Selected publications

  • Golubev K., Zagarskikh A.S., Karsakov A. Dijkstra-based Terrain Generation Using Advanced Weight Functions // Procedia Computer Science, IET – 2016, Vol. 101, pp. 152–160

  • Bezgodov A.A., Karsakov A.S., Zagarskikh A.S., Karbovskii V.A. The Framework for Rapid Graphics Application Development: The Multi-scale Problem Visualization // Procedia Computer Science, IET – 2015, Vol. 51, pp. 2729-2733         

  • Karbovskii V.A., Voloshin D.V., Karsakov A.S., Bezgodov A.A., Zagarskikh A.S. Multiscale agent-based simulation in large city areas: emergency evacuation use case // Procedia Computer Science, IET – 2015, Vol. 51, pp. 2367-2376            

  • Zagarskikh A.S., Karsakov A., Mukhina K.D., Nasonov D.A., Bezgodov A. An Efficient Approach of Infrastructure Processing Visualization Within Cloud Computing Platform // Procedia Computer Science, IET – 2015, Vol. 66, pp. 705-710   

  • Zagarskikh A.S., Karsakov A.S., Bezgodov A.A. Efficient visualization of urban simulation data using modern GPUs // Procedia Computer Science, IET – 2015, Vol. 51, pp. 2928-2932, etc.


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