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Anna Lutsenko


In 2002, Anna Lutsenko graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications with an honors degree in biotechnical and medical devices and systems. In 2005, she defended her PhD thesis in devices and systems for medical purposes at St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”.


  • teaching;

  • research and practical training supervision.

Professional interests

Learning gamification, self-knowledge and personal development, abstract thinking and creative activities, project management, creative and joint learning, constructivist approach to learning, development of educational programs and disciplines.

Selected publications

  • Dukhanov A.V., Trofimenko T.B., Karpova M.S., Bezborodov L.A., Bezgodov A.A., Bilyatdinova A.Z., Lutsenko A.E. Approach to Automation of Cloud Learning Resources’ Design for Courses in Computational Science Based on eScience Resources with the Use of the CLAVIRE Platform // Procedia Computer Science - 2015, Vol. 51, pp. 1957–1966;

  • Bochenina K.O., Boukhanovskaya I.L., Bilyatdinova A.Z., Dukhanov A.V., Lutsenko A.E. Using a cyclic model of knowledge transfer for the development of transdisciplinary learning environments // Proceedings - Frontiers in Education Conference, FIE - 2014, pp. 7044290, etc.


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