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Svetlana Kolgushkina
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In 2012, Svetlana Kolgushkina graduated with honors from Moscow Power Engineering Institute with a Master's degree in electronics engineering and microelectronics. She is currently pursuing her PhD in applied optics at ITMO University. 


Svetlana Kolgushkina started her career in 2010 as an engineer at the Russian Lighting Research Institute Named After S.I. Vavilov (VNISI). She worked there until 2011 when she joined the Philips company as a lighting engineer. In 2014, she got the position of a lighting engineer at the Lighting Design Project company, where she worked until 2015 when she joined ITMO University as a lecturer at the international Master's program in Lighting Design.

Professional interests

Svetlana Kolgushkina's research interests include light pollution, psychology of visual perception, and physiological optics. 

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