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Valeriy Sizikov
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Curriculum vitae:

1965—1967 — graduate student of Leningrad University

1968—1992 — sci. collaborator of Institute Oceandevice

1970 — PhD in phys.-math.

1989 — Dr. Sci. of Techn.

1992 — Professor of the University ITMO

2008 — Professor of the University SPU.

Reports on the Conferences: IMSE'96, 98, IMACS'97, 2000, ICM'98, 2002, ENUMATH'99, MATHTOOLS'99, 2001, IEHS'2002, 2004, OSAV'2004,  NMRCM'2005, 2007, IIPP'2007, Danish Physical Society'2011,etc.

Grants: Soros Professor-2000, travel-grant RFBR'2000, grant IMACS'2000 (Switzerland), Professor-2004 (ISSEP), grants RFBR'2005, 2009, 2013.

Courses taught: Inverse Applied Problems, Mathematical Foundations of Tomography, Computer Technologies in Instrument-Making, Informatics, Measurement Theory, Mathematical Processing of Measurements, Methods for Solving Ill-Posed Problems, Integral Equations.

Fields of scientific interests: Computing and applied mathematics, Integral equations and applications, Ill-posed problems and regular methods for their solving, Tomography, Image reconstruction, Signal processing, Gravimetry, Programming.

More than 120 scientific works.

Most important scientific papers:

  1. Verlan' A.F., Sizikov V.S. Methods for the Solution of Integral Equations using Computer Programs. – Nauk. Dumka, Kiev, 1978. 291 pp. (MR 58 #25047).
  2. Verlan' A.F., Sizikov V.S. Integral Equations: Methods, Algorithms, Programs. – Nauk. Dumka, Kiev, 1986. 543 pp. (MR 87k:65159).
  3. Sizikov V.S. Stable Methods for Processing of Measurement Results. Textbook. – Specliterature, St. Petersburg, 1999. 240 pp.
  4. Sizikov V.S. Mathematical Methods for Processing the Results of Measurements. Textbook. – Politekhnika, St. Petersburg, 2001. 240 pp.
  5. Petrov Yu.P., Sizikov V.S. Well-Posed, Ill-Posed and Intermediate Problems with Applications. Training aid. – Politekhnika, St. Petersburg, 2003. 261 pp.
  6. Petrov Yu.P., Sizikov V.S. Well-Posed, Ill-Posed, and Intermediate Problems with Applications.– VSP, Leiden-Boston, 2005. 234pp.
  7. Sizikov V.S. Inverse Applied Problems and MATLAB, Textbook. – Lan', St. Petersburg, 2011. 256 pp.
  8. Sizikov V.S. Inverse Applied Problems and MATLAB, Textbook. Corrected el. version. – Lan' (, St. Petersburg, 2012. 251 pp.
  9. Sizikov V.S. Integral Equations and MATLAB in Problems of Tomography, Iconics and Spectroscopy. – LAP (LAMBERT Academic Publishing), St. Petersburg - Saarbrucken, 2011, 260 pp.
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