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Irina Smirnova Russian

Irina Smirnova
  • Academic title
    Associate Professor
  • Post
    Deputy head of the Institute of Advanced Data Transfer Systems
    Leading engineer of the Laboratory of Single-Photon Detectors and Sources
  • Degree



Specialist’s degree in Laser Engineering and Laser Technologies, ITMO University, Russia

PhD in Optoelectronics, ITMO University, Russia

Professional Development

2020 – “Educational guide at ITMO University”, ITMO University, Russia

2019 – “Curriculum planning”

2019 – Staff training course at Aalto University, Finland

2018 – “Curricular support of the educational activities in the university’s electronic sources”, ITMO University, Russia

2017 – “ Curriculum development for students with disabilities”, ITMO University, Russia

Professional Activity 

2021 – deputy head of ITMO’s Institute of Advanced Data Transfer Systems

2018 – deputy dean of ITMO’s Faculty of Laser Photonics and Optoelectronics

2016 – deputy dean of ITMO’s Faculty of Laser and Light Engineering

Professional Interests

Diffractometry, lasers, optics. The subject of scientific research is in the field of studying the luminescence of hydrocarbons, non-contact methods for studying red blood cells (laser diffractometry).

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