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Nikolai Rozanov
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    Head of the International Laboratory of Nonlinear Optical Informatics
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Nikolai Rozanov is a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2011) and a laureate of the Rozhdestvensky Prize (2007). His fields of interests are physical and nonlinear optics, laser physics, and physics of solitons.


  • Rozanov N.N. The World of Laser Solitons // Priroda, issue No. 6, 2007;
  • Rozanov N.N., Sochilin G.B. First-order relativistic effects in the electrodynamics of media moving with a nonuniform velocity // No. УФН 176 421 (2006);
  • Rozanov N.N. ANNUS MIRABILIS Superluminal localized structures of electromagnetic radiation // No. УФН 175 181 (2005)
  • Rozanov N.N. Dissipative optical solitons (RAS sessions dated 22.12.1999) // No. УФН 170 462 (2000).


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