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Anatoly Fedorov
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    Head of the Center of Optical Information Technologies
    Chief research associate at the Center of Optical Information Technologies
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Anatoly Fedorov is a celebrated specialist in semiconductor optics, physics of quantum-size systems, and spectroscopy of semiconductor nanocrystals. After he graduated from the Faculty of Radiophysical Science of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (now Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University), he joined the Vavilov State Optical Institute where he continued to work till 2006. 

Research interests

  • linear and nonlinear optical spectroscopy of semiconductor low-dimensional systems;
  • theory of electron-phonon and electron-photon interactions in nanostructures;
  • coherent control of optical responses and electronic states in solid state-like systems with reduced dimension;
  • processes of energy and phase relaxation in semiconductor quantum dots.

Anatoly Fedorov authored more than 160 papers indexed by Web of Science, as well as 2 monographs.


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