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Alexander Gorovoi


In 2002 graduated from Saint Petersburg Sate Polytechnic University magna cum laude.

In 2003 graduated from the Saint Petersburg University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the major in law.

In 2005 got a PhD in Economics. Topic of the dissertation: "Integrated Services for Exhibition Activities".

Since 2006 is working toward a Dr. Sc. degree in Economics at the Saint Petersburg State University of Economy and Finance.

Since 2004 works at the Academy of Management Methods and Technologies.

Worked as an assistant professor of the Entrepreneurship and Business Department. In 2007 was elected the Head of this Department.

Research interests: management, economy, education.

Alexander Gorovoi manages important projects for the Saint Petersburg Administration, including development and trial operation of the monitoring system for higher professional education in Saint Petersburg; rating vocational training institution of Saint Petresburg, and development of methods for determining the number of employees for social services of Saint Petersburg Administration.

Since 2007 Alexander Gorovoi work for the National "Education" Project as a secretary of the Expert Coordination Council for innovation educational program realization at University ITMO. Alexander Gorovoi is an author of more than 30 articles and 3 books.

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