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Valeriy Korotaev
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    Professor Faculty of Applied Optics, Head of Research Center for Optoelectronic Instrumentation Engineering
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Valery V. Korotaev is the author of more than 110 books, articles, and patents.

Valery V. Korotaev graduated from University ITMO (then LITMO) in 1976 with the major «Optoelectronic devices». Since 1976 works at University ITMO as: engineer, teaching assistant, assistant professor and professor. Since 2007 he is the Head of the Department of Optical-Electronic Devices and Systems, in 2009 he became a Dean of the Faculty of Optical Information Systems and Technologies.

Research interests: measuring optoelectronic devices and systems (OEDS). For a number of years, Valery Korotaev worked on designing OEDS for measuring parameters of relative linear and angular orientation for objects separated in space as well as research of polarization proprieties of optical systems and their elements. Since 1989 headed R&D work for the creation of safety devices for large objects (floating docks, large vessels etc); the results of this work were used for shipbuilding ship repair. He was also the Head of R&D for optical methods of mineral selection, which were used for the diamond industry.

In 1987 received a PhD in Technology with the dissertation topic «Design principles, calculation methods and study of polarization goniometers». In 1997 received a Dr. Sci. degree with the dissertation topic «Polarization devices (calculation methods, proprieties of elements, circuit analysis)». In 1999 became a professor of the Department of Opto-Electronic Devices and Systems.

Valery V. Korotaev was a supervisor of 5 PhD theses. Gives lectures on

  • Measuring optoelectronic devices and systems
  • Sources and receivers of radiation
  • Metrology
  • Optoelectronic devices
  • Special chapters of applied optics.
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