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Maya Uspenskaya


1994 — Graduated from the Leningrad State University (USSR), Chemistry Department, Chemists’ qualification grade.

1998 — St. Petersburg State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (Technical University), PhD grade in Sc. Techn. in Molecular Physics and Thermal Physics.

1996—2011 — Worked at the Dept. of Physics and Technology of Optical Communications as an Engineer, Tutor, Ass. Prof.

2000 — Ass. Prof. degree.

2011 — Professor position at the Physics and Technology of Optical Communications Department. In connection with growing of the fuel and energy production and consumption as well as of the oil- and gas-transporting systems within fuel/energy complex, the new education programmes at the National Research University ITMO have been introduced. A general education direction was «Technical Physics», particularly, «Physical and technological aspects of Analytical Instrument-making». Professor Maya V. Uspenskaya played a leading role as a promoter and organizer of this process.

Since April 2011 she is a Head of the IT FEC Dept. Under supervision of Prof. M.V. Uspenskaya three PhD works have been successfully executed and defended. She also has been a scientific adviser in the four PhD research works. Five under- and postgraduate students supervised by Prof. M.V. Uspenskaya have gained the educational grants of the St. Petersburg Government. Prof. M.V. Uspenskaya provides a fruitful international activity, she is a leader in the co-operation projects with Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University (Japan) and University of California, Los Angeles (USA). Prof. M.V. Uspenskaya has published about 130 scientific and method learning papers including a monography.

Scientific areas: Radical polymerization, Super — water absorbents, Hydrogels, Cross-linked chain polymers, Polymeric nanocomposites, Analytical Chemistry, Delivery of the medical products, Chemical sensors.

Read courses: General and Physical Chemistry, Physical Methods of the Materials Checking-out and Diagnostics, Chemical Sensors.

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