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Alexey A. Bobtsov (SM’10) received the MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia in 1996, after which he received his PhD in 1999 and the degree of Doctor of Science (habilitation thesis) in 2007 from the same university. From November 1999 to December 2000, he served as Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Automation and Remote Control. From December 2000 to May 2007, Dr. Bobtsov served as Associate Professor at the Department of Control Systems and Informatics. In May 2007, Dr. Bobtsov was appointed as Professor at the Department of Control Systems and Informatics. In September 2008, he was elected as the Dean of Computer Technologies and Control Faculty. He is currently the Dean of the School of Computer Science and Control at ITMO University.

He is a coauthor of more than 300 journal and conference papers, 10 patents, 15 books and textbooks. Dr. Bobtsov’s h-index in Scopus is 22.

Alexey A. Bobtsov is:
– a member of the General Assembly of European Control Association.
– a member of the International Public Association “Academy of Navigation and Motion Control”.
– a senior member of the IEEE.
– the chairman of the Northwest Branch of the IEEE societies’ Section of Control Systems, Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Automation.
– a member of the Subcommittee on Nonlinear Systems of the International Federation on Automatic Control (member of IFAC Technical Committee TC 2.3. Non-Linear Control Systems).
– the editor-in-chief of Journal of Instrument Engineering.
– an editorial board member of the journals Automation and Remote Control and Scientific and Technical Journal of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.

His research interests are in the fields of nonlinear and adaptive control, control of oscillatory and chaotic systems and computer-aided control systems design with applications in mechanical and robotic systems.

The list of some of Dr. Bobtsov’s selected manuals, patents and papers:

1. Bobtsov, A.A., Pyrkin, A.A., Furtat, I.B. Control of time-delay systems, Manual, St. Petersburg, ITMO University, 2014, p. 120 (in Russian).
2. Bobtsov, A.A., Pyrkin, A.A. Adaptive and robust control with compensation of uncertainties, Manual, NRU ITMO, 2013, p. 135 (in Russian).
3. Bobtsov, A.A., Nikiforov, V.O., Pyrkin, A.A., Slita, O.V., Ushakov, V.A. Methods of adaptive and robust control of nonlinear objects in engineering, Manual for higher educational institutions, St. Petersburg, NRU ITMO, 2013, p. 277 (in Russian).

1. Bobtsov, A.A., Bazylev, D.N., Zimenko, K.A., Ibrayev, D.D., Popchenko, F.A. Planning trajectories for a humanoid robot balancing in a standing position. The certificate of state registration of computer programs No. 2017618122 dated 07.24.2017.
2. Bobtsov A.A., Bazylev D.N., Ibraev D.D., Popchenko F.A. The "Surfer" program for assessing the position and stabilization of a humanoid robot on an inclined surface. The certificate of state registration of computer programs No. 2017618126 dated 07.24.2017.
3. Bobtsov A.A., Bazylev D.N., Margun A.A., Ibrayev D.D., Popchenko F.A. The program for assessing the angular position of a humanoid robot and the calculation of the coordinates of the centers of mass of its links. The certificate of state registration of computer programs No. 2017618116 dated 07.24.2017.
4. Bobtsov A.A., Chepinsky S.A., Wunder N.A., Khvostova K.A., Khvostov D.A. The program for managing mobile robots with gestures, voices and facial expressions. The certificate of state registration of computer programs No. 2015613905 dated 03.30.2015.
5. Borgul, A.S., Bobtsov, A.A., Vrajevskiy, S.A. Control system for group of small aircraft. The certificate of state registration of computer programs No. 2013615779 dated 20.06.2013.
6. Borgul, A.S., Bobtsov, A.A. Man-machine interface for control of the arm exoskeleton. The certificate of state registration of computer programs No. 2013615783 dated 20.06.2013.
7. Borgul, A.S., Bobtsov, A.A., Shmigelskiy, G., Gritsenko, P.A. Quadrocopter control system using the electroencephalogram signals. The certificate of state registration of computer programs No. 2013615846 dated 20.06.2013.
8. Borgul, A.S., Bobtsov, A.A., Kremlev, S.A., Margun, A.A., Zimenko, K.A. Multifunctional active hand prosthesis. RF patent for useful model №127620 dated 10.05.2013.
9. Pyrkin, A.A., Bobtsov, A.A., Kolubin, S.A., Vedyakov, A.A. Program for adaptive compensation of multi-sinusoidal perturbations for objects with delay control. The certificate of state registration of computer programs No. 2013614342 dated 29.04.2013.
10. Surov, M.O., Pyrkin, A.A., Bobtsov, A.A. Program to control a robot butterfly "Butterfly controller". The certificate of state registration of computer programs No. 2013613682 dated 15.04.2013.

1. Ortega R., Panteley E., Bobtsov A.   Comments on 'comparison of architectures and robustness of model reference adaptive controllers and L1-adaptive controllers' //   Int. J. Adapt. Control Signal Process., 2016, V. 30, pp. 125-127.

2. Bobtsov A., Pyrkin A., Ortega R., A new approach for estimation of electrical parameters and flux observation of permanent magnet synchronous motors // Int. J. Adapt. Control Signal Process. 2016, V. 30, p. 1434-1448.

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4. Pyrkin A., Bobtsov A. Adaptive Controller for Linear System With Input Delay and Output Disturbance // IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 2016, V. 61, I. 12, p. 4229 – 4234.

5. Bobtsov A.A., Pyrkin A.A., Ortega R., Vedyakov A.A. A state observer for sensorless control of magnetic levitation systems//Automatica, IET - 2018, Vol. 97, pp. 263-270.

6. Bobtsov A., Bazylev D., Pyrkin A., Aranovskiy S., Ortega R. A robust nonlinear position observer for synchronous motors with relaxed excitation conditions // INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONTROL. 2017, V  32, N5, P 3989-3997.

7. Wang J., Gritsenko P. A., Aranovskiy S. V., Bobtsov A.A., Pyrkin A. A. A method for increasing the rate of parametric convergence in the problem of identification of the sinusoidal signal parameters // AUTOMATION AND REMOTE CONTROL. 2017, V 78, N 3, P. 389-396.

8.  Ortega R.,  Bobtsov A.,  Pyrkin A., Aranovskiy S.  A parameter estimation approach to state observation of nonlinear systems. SYSTEMS & CONTROL LETTERS // 2015, V 85, P 84-94.

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12. Vedyakov A.A., Vediakova A., Bobtsov A.A., Pyrkin A.A., Aranovskiy S.V. A globally convergent frequency estimator of a sinusoidal signal with a time-varying amplitude // European Journal of Control, IET - 2017, Vol. 38, pp. 32-38. 

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